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Handong UNITWIN Fellowship

Handong UNITWIN Fellowship


led by the Korean UNESCO UNITWIN HOST Handong Global University,
and sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education is the fellowship
that provides free educational resources online to the world
in the name of Open CourseWare (“OCW”).
The purpose of this fellowship is to share lecture materials and teaching methods with participating professors
and to open the courses to the public
 in order to increase access to quality educational materials for everyone.

Therefore, HUF seeks qualified scholars at the university (or even higher education) level
to contribute to a growing pool of open lectures throughout the world.
HUF provides an online platform for scholars to upload their course materials,
allocate monetary funds for them who are willing to participate and share their resources,
and offer trainings on teaching with digital media and intellectual property right.
Though this initiative, we envision three goals :
Capacity Building
Participating faculty will get a better
understanding of digital media
and online teaching methods,

which leads to enhancement in teaching.
Global Benefits
Open course meterials offered by HUF
will benefit not only students of
participating faculties but also
learners or scholars from
other institutions.
and Collaboration
Participants will be able to access and
exchange teaching methods
by sharing
materials with faculties worldwide
collaborating with the HUF.