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Download Required Document

Handong UNITWIN Fellowship


All information should be written in English and without any typo.

Contract paper must be filled out and signed by the applicant. Download
Course Syllabus describing the general information and showing the schedule (minimum 12 weeks excluding exams) for the course must be submitted. It should include more than 3 keywords of the course and each week.  All contents should be written in English. Download
Course certificate
A Course certificate is to verify whether the course applied is a formally registered course at a university-level institution. It should include the year when the course was first introduced and its enrollment numbers during the last two years(2022-2023). It must be signed by both applicant and an adequate supervisor from the institution.  Download
Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Please fill out your general information, the level of degree, and teaching/work experience, according to the given format without any false information.

All information should be written in English (2 pages maximum). 

Proof of employment

There is no specific form required, but it should be an official document issued by the university.

- It should state that you are a lecturer and teach the course in the first half of 2024.

- It should include the issue date and be issued in January or February 2024.

- All contents should be written in English.

*We will contact the university to verify the information provided in the documents.