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Reference and Citation
Reference refers to the list of materials that have been consulted and used in the paper.
These can include books, articles, websites, reports, and other sources. 
The reference list is usually included at the end of the paper in a separate section.

Citation, on the other hand, refers to the specific source that has been referenced in a particular part of the paper. 
This means that when a sentence, idea, figure, table, or any other material is used in the paper, the source of that material needs to be cited.
Citations are usually included in the body of the paper.

Therefore, reference and citation are two different concepts, but they are used together in academic papers. 
Citations help to acknowledge the sources of the materials used in the paper, while references provide a list of the sources consulted and used in the paper.

How can I cite and reference visuals(images, tables, figures, etc.)?
For guidance on how to properly cite images, we recommend reviewing the following resources:

Citing and Referencing Visuals in APA 7th Style | Tables, Figures, Images, Photographs

How to cite and reference an online image

Cite a Google image (MLA, APA, Chicago) | Citation Machine
Can I apply for a course designed as a practical course?

In principle, we do not accept a practical course.

If you have a detailed plan for how to cover the practical activities online, please describe it in detail.

We will discuss whether we can accept them.

How can I edit a video?

For your information, we attached the link ( which introduces "Free Editing Software".

Should I submit the Proof of Employment every semester even if I submitted before?

Yes. We request all applicants to submit proof of employment every semester and we only admit the document issued right before/during the application period.

We understand it is inconvenient to issue every time, but we should check whether an applicant will be giving a lecture at the university for the upcoming semester.

This is an international program that is scrutinized by the Korean Ministry of Education, and we should check the current employment and position of applicants every application period.

After the application due date, we contact the university where you are working to verify the information in your application. 

The applications which are not verified by the university will be rejected.

Can I apply for a course which is similiar to a exisiting course on the website?

If you apply for a new course, we consider it a proper application even if there is a similar course from another professor on our website.

Even if a course title is the same, we consider it different as long as you create your own lecture materials.

However, the competition rate is high and we prefer a totally new course which is not on our website.

Can I use my lecture materials on other platforms like Youtube?

You may upload your lecture materials on other platforms.

However, please be noted that you should not submit the same materials to other institution for any other subsidies.

How can I put a citation?

There are various ways to make citations. You could use APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.  

Whichever you use, you should at least include the “Title, Author/Editor, Publisher, Year of Publication, Page”. 

For your reference, we attached the link below that may help you with citation. 

Citation Machine:

Citation Guides : 

Citation generator:

How can I use Zoom?

For your information, we attached the link ( which explains how to use Zoom in detail.

How can I make a video with lecture note?

There is some software which helps you make a video with several screens. 

For your information, we introduce a software named "OBS"(recommended but not required. you can use other software).

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. 


-  How to Use OBS