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Handong UNITWIN Fellowship

The Standard for the Credits and Minimum Length(updated in 2023) admin 2021-07-02

A professor who teaches a course at a university is eligible to apply for the HUF program.

However, as the criteria for "Course Credit" may vary among universities,

we have established the following standard based on the total hours of the course for a semester:

(updated in July 2023)

For instance, if the total course hours exceed 24 hours in a semester, the applicant can apply for a 2-credit course,

regardless of the credit assigned to the course at their university.

Now, what is the "Minimum Length of Materials for Submission per Week?"

If a professor is selected, they should submit lecture materials for a minimum of 12 weeks(excluding exams/assignments),

and all materials per week should meet the minimum length requirement as outlined below.

We have set a lower standard for submission as the lecture materials are intended for online courses, and videos/texts should be edited to be concise.

Furthermore, we understand that creating lengthy videos every week can be challenging, and it may be difficult for students to maintain focus for a long time.

Therefore, during the application process, please refer to the "Course Credit Standard,"

and when submitting materials, please adhere to the "Minimum length of Materials for Submission per week."