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Handong UNITWIN Fellowship

The Standard for the Credits and Minimum Length(2023 Spring) admin 2021-07-02

A professor who conducts a course at a university can apply for the HUF program.

However, since the standard for "Course Credit" varies from university to university, we set the standard as below.

For example, if a professor conducts a course consisting of 100 mins X 16 weeks at a university,

the applicant can apply for a 2-credit course even if the course is regarded as a 3-credit course in his/her university.

* Please note that we accept only 1,2,3 credit courses and if a lecture time per week is over 180 mins, please select a 3-credit course.

Then, what is the "Minimum Length of Materials for Submission per week?"

If a professor is selected, he/she should submit lecture materials that satisfy the minimum length suggested below.

We set a lower standard for submission because the lecture materials are for an online course and a video/text should be edited compactly.

Furthermore, we understand that it is difficult to make a long video every week and students can feel difficulty focusing for a long time.

Therefore, as for application, please refer to the "Course Credit Standard"

and as for the submission, please refer to the "Minimum length of Materials for Submission per week."