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Handong UNITWIN Fellowship

[HGU] 2021 Fall UUOOI Schedule admin 2021-07-19

Greetings from Handong Global University!

We would like to introduce to you a UNESCO-UNITWIN grant program, UNESCO-UNITWIN OCW/OER Initiative (UUOOI), sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education.

The purpose of this initiative is to improve the capacity of the participating faculties and make lecture materials open to the public to increase access to quality educational material for everyone, including those who do not enjoy the privilege of formal education.

We believe that it will be a great opportunity for you and your institution!

You can submit your application on our website from August 9th to August 23rd (NOT through Email)!

Please be mindful that the standard is Korean Time. You CANNOT submit your application after August 23rd.

Furthermore, please be noted that there are several important changes for the upcoming application.

Please click the link below to check the changes!

1) How to apply

You must fill out the Application form on our website. The required documents are renewed as of July 2021. Therefore, please download the required documents first.

Download Required Documents ->

2) Qualification for Application

Lecturers/Applicants who don't meet the Qualification for Application will be automatically eliminated.

Furthermore, insufficient application documents, documents written in another format or in non-English language will be automatically eliminated.

3) Grant regulation and the standards for the credits and minimum length are changed.

Please check the attached "2021 Fall UUOOI Leaflet".

4) Pre-submission for first lecture material

If you are selected, you should submit the 1st lecture material according to our guideline by September 22nd.

Only when your first lecture material is satisfied to our required standard and approved, you can upload the rest of your lecture materials.

- We only accept text and video format (mp4) for lecture materials.

Furthermore, if you apply for video lectures, you must show your face in the video.

5) Timeline for 2021 Fall UUOOI ->

We believe this will be a great opportunity for you and your institution, and we again encourage your participation.

Sincerely Yours,


2021 Fall Leaflet.pdf