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2023 HUFOCW Utilization Contest admin 2023-04-03

Dear Professors and Students,

Handong UNITWIN Fellowship is excited to announce the 2023 HUFOCW Utilization Contest,

which has been designed to encourage participants to make the most of the HUF lectures and share their experiences.

In this contest, both professors and students can participate.

Please kindly check the details below!

  • [Themes]

  • : Lecturer

  • - Using HUFOCW materials in class

  • - Using HUFOCW materials for personal research

  • - Using HUFOCW for personal competency development

  • : Student

  • - Using HUFOCW for the class as required by the professor

  • - Using HUFOCW to supplement your learning for the class on your own initiative

  • - Using HUFOCW for your personal learning/development that is not related to coursework

  • [Submission]

  • To submit your entry, please download the attached form and write your essay in English following the provided format.

  • Your essay should be 2-3 pages long, written in Times New Roman 11, and double-spaced.

  • * You can include photos but it is excluded when it comes to counting the text length.

  • Entries will be accepted from June 19th to July 9th and should be submitted via the Google Form link provided.

  • Link:

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the contest, please contact us at

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Handong UNITWIN Fellowship

Details of 2023 HUFOCW Utilization Contest.pdf Essay Example.pdf Essay Form.docx