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Marketing Research
Castillo, Michaella
University of the Assumption
Spring 2023
English, Filipino



Students will have an understanding of the various types of information that are required to assist in the formulation of marketing policies and decisions through the completion of this course. Methodology, as well as the orderly collection, recording, examination, and interpretation of data that is necessary for decision-making, is given a lot of attention here. This class will cover the most important aspects of the research study on many aspects of the market, including products, pricing, distribution, and promotion (through advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, publicity, and the use of social media). Students will build an understanding of marketing research as well as the necessary skills, such as constructing questionnaires, collecting primary and secondary data, analyzing data, and writing research reports, by participating in this activity. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 - The Role of Marketing Research 2023-06-22
2 Week 2 - Information Systems and Knowledge Management 2023-06-22
3 Week 3 - The Marketing Research Processs 2023-06-22
4 Week 4 - The Human Side of Marketing research Organization and Ethical Issues 2023-06-22
5 Week 5 - Problem DefinitionJump-Starting the Research Process 2023-06-22
6 Week 6 - Qualitative Researach Tools 2023-06-22
7 Week 7 - Secondary Data Research in Digital Age 2023-06-22
8 Week 8 - Survey Research An Overview 2023-06-22
9 Week 9 - Survey Research Basic Methods of Communication with Respondents 2023-06-22
10 Week 10 - Observation 2023-06-22
11 Week 11 - Experimental Research 2023-06-22
12 Week 12 - Test-Markets and Experimental Design 2023-06-22