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Money and Banks
Rakhimova, Khavakhon
Banking and Finance Academy
Spring 2023



The course "Money and Banks" covers 12 topics in a logical sequence that covers the theoretical, practical aspects of economic processes and relations related to money, loans, banks in human society.

The course covers the following important aspects:

- the history of the development of types of money and monetary relations;

- the theory of money and monetary laws;

- the concept of world monetary systems and the monetary system of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- the essence of inflation, the causes of their occurrence and methods of their management;

- the concept and essence of banking, banks, banking system, credit, interest rate;

- consideration of models of monetary relations in the economy;

- disclosure of the role of non-banking financial institutions and international financial institutions;

- new trends and trends in the modern monetary system and relations in the national and world economy;

- possible risks in the modern system of monetary circulation and the essence of risk management in this area.

By studying the above aspects of the course, the student will be able to gain sufficient knowledge and skills in the field of money, monetary laws, monetary and foreign exchange relations, financial markets, interest on resources, banks and the banking system.

Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week 1 -Introduction to course. Emergence, need and functions of money 2023-06-22
2 week 2 -Money Theory 2023-06-22
3 week 3 -Money circulation and its structure 2023-06-22
4 week 4 -Monetary system and its element 2023-06-22
5 week 5 -Essence, Forms and Causes of inflation 2023-06-22
6 week 6 -Necessity, functions, forms and types of credit 2023-06-22
7 week 7-Interest rate of the loan and factors affecting it 2023-06-22
8 week 8-Banks and non-banking financial organizations 2023-06-22
9 week 9-Currency system and circulation of money in international relations 2023-06-22
10 week 10 -International Financial Institutions 2023-06-22
11 week 11 -New trends in the field of money and banking 2023-06-22
12 week 12 -Modern money circulation risk management 2023-06-22