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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Kholbaev Bakhrom
Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship
Spring 2023



Every year, hundreds of thousands of people start their own businesses. But while most succeed, many do fail. Why? One of the common causes of startup failure is lack of preparation. People come to the entrepreneurial path from different directions. Increasingly, some start fresh out of college or after a stint at home raising their kids or simply because the idea of actually retiring is abhorrent to them. Most, though, come to entrepreneurship straight out of the work force. Quitting a full-time job to start a business isn’t something to be taken lightly. You should be sure now is the right time to get started. As a result of taking this course, a student will know the content and essence of entrepreneurial activity, its types and forms, the basics of the formation of an entrepreneurial culture, as well as the principles of business ethical behavior of an entrepreneur. A future entrepreneur should be able to formulate a bank of entrepreneurial ideas, draw up a business plan, create an entrepreneurial structure and organize its activities.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week_01_Entrepreneurship_&_Idea_for_Business 2023-06-22
2 week_02_Business_&_Market 2023-06-22
3 week3 - Start vs Buy Business 2023-06-22
4 week4_Market Research 2023-06-22
5 week5_Naming_&_Structuring_a_Business 2023-06-22
6 week6_Business_Plan 2023-06-22
7 week7_Funding_a_Business 2023-06-22
8 week8_Location & Professional Image 2023-06-22
9 week9_Hiring Employees 2023-06-22
10 week10_Employee Policies & Benefits 2023-06-22
11 week11_Modern Technology in Business 2023-06-22
12 week12_Business Promotion 2023-06-22