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Construction Engineering and Management
Adhikari Ishwar
Tribhuvan University
Fall 2023



Construction Engineering and Management is a subject which is taught and applicable to the discipline of civil engineering. This subject plays the significant role in directing and making any infrastructure project visible in the physical form and overcome the discomfort faced by the society. To convert any task from an idea to the reality, the project has to undergo through different phases from its initiation to the successful completion. To translate the paper work into reality, construction phase of the project plays an important role where the resources are being used in extensive manner. The engineers are called upon to translate the idea into reality in the scientific manner with the proper use of resources and procuring the materials and services in effective manner, development of contracts, and site management including the safety. The purpose of this course is to explain the basic and fundamental concepts of construction engineering and management in a simple and easily understandable language where students are exposed to different topics like challenges of construction management, construction contracts and tendering, construction equipment, inventory management, maintenance of project, safety management etc. This course is based on the syllabus prepared by the “Subject Committee” of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. To support this, lecture notes containing theoretical portion as well as numerical portion (if required) will be provided.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 WEEK 1- Introduction To Construction Management 2023-12-11
2 WEEK 2 - Construction Planning and Scheduling 2023-12-11
3 WEEK 3 - Construction Contract and Delivery Methods 2023-12-11
4 WEEK 4 - Construction Procurement 2023-12-11
5 WEEK 5 - Construction Equipment 2023-12-11
6 WEEK 6 - Construction Delay, Claims, and Dispute and its Mitigation 2023-12-11
7 WEEK 7 - Construction Process and Site Management 2023-12-11
8 WEEK 8 - Controlling of Construction Work 2023-12-11
9 WEEK 9 - Construction Safety Management 2023-12-11
10 WEEK 10 - Construction Project Maintenance 2023-12-11
11 WEEK 11 - Specification and Valuation 2023-12-11
12 WEEK 12 - Personnel Management 2023-12-11