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Fundamentals of Project Management
Alimov, Bakhodir
Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship
Fall 2023



The course gives the knowledge on theoretical basis, main concepts and terminology, approaches and methods, principles and mechanisms of Project Management. The course is targeting the public and economic administrations, local government, students and listeners in terms of Project Management concepts, methodology, methods and techniques. The theoretical knowledge presented by the course, accompanied by practical cases, allows students to develop appropriate competencies in the field of project management. Practical cases will form knowledge about the subject and provide relevant primary skills that will help students in the future during the implementation of projects in their organizations. The aim of this course is to provide theory and practical skils and abilities that reflect the theoretical, methodological and empirical foundations of the PMI PMBOK Standard which is the one of the leading schools of project management. Methodological tools of project management are successfully used in the processes of any branch of production of developed countries, in operational types of activities, in state administration. Due to its undeniable advantages, this multifunctional approach is widely used in business, state and community management. In other words, project management has a systematic nature and serves to achieve significant results in all areas where it is used.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week1_The essence, history and theoretical aspects 2023-12-12
2 Week2_Development trends of project management 2023-12-12
3 Week3_Project management methodology 2023-12-12
4 Week4_Strategy in project management 2023-12-12
5 Week5_Project finance 2023-12-12
6 Week6_Project team management 2023-12-12
7 Week7_Project risk management 2023-12-12
8 Week8_Public-private partnership projects 2023-12-12
9 Week9_Management system of investment projects 2023-12-12
10 Week10_Project portfolio management 2023-12-12
11 Week11_Project management using digital programs and models 2023-12-12
12 Week12_Project contract management 2023-12-12
13 Week13_Project stakeholder management 2023-12-12
14 Week14_Supply Chain Management 2023-12-12
15 Test 2023-12-12