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History of the XX Century Mongolia
Otgonjargal Sodnomdarjaa
National University of Mongolia
Spring 2022



The past history is the memory of any nation. The history goes on with the intellect. Intellectual individuals create the history.

The course named “History of the XX Century Mongolia” which is one of the mandatory courses for bachelor’s degree students is designed to make people understand that we should know the past to understand the present and plan the future. The course teaches to understand the essence of democracy, human rights and the freedom of thinking, and focuses on changing research skills and thinking of students, master and doctor degree seekers and scholars. Students will learn the skills to truthfully analyze and summarize from different angles the laws of historical development and trends of social development by acknowledging the meta nature and substance of history and historical processes. The history of the XX Century is the most distorted part of Mongolian history. The main point is that the students would be taught the true history of the XX Century Mongolia and in doing so the lecturer would widely use archival sources and new approach of theory.  

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Lecture 1 - Introduction: “Refusing from Marxist theory” 2022-06-22
2 Lecture 2 - 1911 Revolution 2022-06-22
3 Lecture 3 - State policy to develop Mongolia like Britain 2022-06-22
4 Lecture 4 - Mongolia's transition to capitalism 2022-06-22
5 Lecture 5 - 1921 Revolution 2022-06-22
6 Lecture 6 - Establishment of party of noblemen 2022-06-22
7 Lecture 7 - Establishment of party of clerks 2022-06-22
8 Lecture 8 - Bogd Khan-headed Mongolia & communist Russia 2022-06-22
9 Lecture 9 - Golden clan of Chinggis Khan 2022-06-22
10 Lecture 10 - Mongolia & socialism 2022-06-22
11 Lecture 11 - 1990 Revolution 2022-06-22
12 Lecture 12 - Collapse of communist regime in Mongolia 2022-06-22