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Japanese Grammar 1
Voerman, Angelique Gloriana
Jakarta International University
Fall 2022
English, Indonesian



Japanese Grammar 1 is one of the major required courses and a conditional course, so if there is a student who does not pass this course, they can’t take the next level of this course, which is Japanese Grammar 2. This course contains simple and basic sentence structures that are used in everyday life in Japan. Also, this course contains the uses of basic particles in Japanese. These are basic grammars that students must understand to use more difficult sentence patterns. The student will learn vocabulary, then grammar. After that, there are some practices with pictures and without pictures to strengthen their understanding. The main topics of this course use a theme based on the grammar that will be learned so the students know when they use the sentence in daily life.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week 1 - Nice to meet you 2022-12-05
2 week 2 - This is a book 2022-12-05
3 week 3 - The classroom is there 2022-12-05
4 week 4 - What time is it 2022-12-05
5 week 5 - I go to supermarket with my friend 2022-12-05
6 week 6 - I study Japanese 2022-12-05
7 week 7 - I give her a present 2022-12-05
8 week 8 - Tokyo is a lively city 2022-12-05
9 week 9 - I understand Japanese 2022-12-05
10 week 10 - There is a dog in my house 2022-12-05
11 week 11 - I prefer watermelon to mango 2022-12-05
12 week 12 - I want to eat sushi 2022-12-05