Engineering > Computer Science

Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Mbogholi, John Msagha
Pwani University
Fall 2022



This course is designed to provide students with practical skills in Object Oriented analysis and design methods. The student is introduced to object oriented principles namely abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. The student will also be introduced to the concepts of classes and methods, and what role these play in the overall object oriented analysis and design stage. The course also differentiates itself from the traditional system analysis and design approach by showing the differences between the two approaches. Students are then introduced to the different types of programming methods before being introduced to the main tool of OOAD namely the UML. The UML design tools are then discussed and taught in detail namely use case diagram, sequence diagram, class diagram, activity diagram, state chart diagram, component diagrams.

Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 - Introduction to Object Orientation 2022-12-07
2 Week 2 - Introduction to Object Oriented Analysis and Design 2022-12-07
3 Week 3 - Programming Philosophies 2022-12-07
4 Week 4 - Processes and Workflows 2022-12-07
5 Week 5 - Use case diagram and OO Model 2022-12-07
6 Week 6 - Interaction diagrams 2022-12-07
7 Week 7 - Class and object diagrams 2022-12-07
8 Week 8 - Statechart diagrams 2022-12-07
9 Week 9 - Activity diagrams 2022-12-07
10 Week 10 - Package and deployment diagrams 2022-12-07
11 Week 11 - Reuse, reusability and portability 2022-12-07
12 Week 12 - Object oriented design and project management 2022-12-07