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Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control(AFMDC)
Dangol, Jeetendra
Tribhuvan University
Fall 2022



This course aims to provide knowledge of managerial accounting information for planning and control. It covers financial and management accounting information, pricing decision, investment analysis under condition of certainty as well as uncertainty. Additionally, this course deals with decision regarding alternative choices, mainly, make or buy, accept or reject a special offer, drop or continue, sales or further processing a joint cost and leasing or purchasing decision. It also deals with financial statement and performance analysis of an organization, which include ratio analysis for measuring productivity, profitability, activity, stability and profitability, value added statement analysis and cash flow statement analysis. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 - Financial and Management Accounting Information 2022-12-08
2 Week 2 - Accounting Standards and Financial Reporting 2022-12-08
3 Week 3 - Perofrmance measurement and ratio analysis 2022-12-08
4 Week 4 - Ratios for management performance analysis 2022-12-08
5 Week 5 - Performance measurement value added statement return on investment and residual income 2022-12-08
6 Week 6 - Cash Flow Statement 2022-12-08
7 Week 7 - Make or buy decision and accept or reject a special offer decision 2022-12-08
8 Week 8 - Drop or continue decision and sales or further processing a joint product decision 2022-12-08
9 Week 9 - Managerial accounting for decision making Lease or purchase decision 2022-12-08
10 Week 10 - Pricing Decision External Transfer 2022-12-08
11 Week 11 - Pricing Decision Internal Transfer 2022-12-08
12 Week 12 - Cost information for pricing and product planning 2022-12-08
13 Week 13 - Investment Decision Under Condition of Certainty 2022-12-08
14 Week 14 - Investment Decision Under Condition of Risk and Uncertainty 2022-12-08