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Handong UNITWIN Fellowship

[HGU] 2023 Spring HUF admin 2023-01-17

Warm greetings from Handong Global University!

We would like to introduce the “Handong UNITWIN Fellowship(HUF),” which is a grant program sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education.

This fellowship aims to align university-level courses to the public to increase access to quality educational materials for everyone, which is strongly recommended by the OER section of UNESCO as an important tool to fulfill SDG 4.

The 2023 Spring HUF will begin on February 3rd and we will receive applications by February 15th through Google form(link:

If you are interested, please click the information below.

> Qualification for Application

> Timeline

> The Standard for the Credits and Minimum Length

> Required Documents (updated in January 2023)

> Apply Now

Lecture materials can be in your native language, but application documents including the syllabus should be written in English.

*Please write your own creative ideas on the documents in your way. It is strictly prohibited to copy somebody else’s essays. We run copy-killer software for materials you turn in.

After the application due date, we will contact the university to verify the information in your application.

The applications which the university does not verify will be removed.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sincerely yours,

HUF Team

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