Engineering > Computer Science

Human Computer Interface
Gichuki Martha Wambui
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
Fall 2023



The course begins with an introduction to Human Computer Interface (HCI) concepts, i.e. the human (brain, human visual system, visual perception and optical illusions), the computer and the interface perspectives. Theories and principles to design for attention will be covered and thereafter psychological and social interaction to address use of cognition and use of proper language and metaphors (menus). User-centered design and human-centered design will be covered in detail to understand how the two terminologies are similar and how they differ. Architectures for user interfaces mainly Graphical User Interface will lead the course coverage to user experience, universal design, design principles, heuristics and golden design rules. Information retrieval and utilization architectures will then be connected to designing rich interactive systems using styles that enhance usability (web and mobile) and easy navigation. User experience and support will be covered as we look into methods of evaluating interactive systems.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week 1- Introduction to HCI - The Human Concept 2023-12-11
2 Week 2 - Introduction to HCI; The Computer Concept 2023-12-11
3 Week 3 - Introduction to HCI; The Interface Concept 2023-12-11
4 Week 4 - Theories and Principles of HCI 2023-12-11
5 Week 5 - Psychological and Social Interactions 2023-12-11
6 Week 6 - User-Centred Design 2023-12-11
7 Week 7 - Human Centred Design and Evaluation 2023-12-11
8 Week 8 - Norman's Philosophy of Design 2023-12-11
9 Week 9 - Graphical User Interface 2023-12-11
10 Week 10 - Interaction Design Styles 2023-12-11
11 Week 11 - Information Retrieval & Visualization 2023-12-11
12 Week 12 - Conceptual Model Activities & Evaluation Techniques 2023-12-11
13 Week 13 - User Experience and Support 2023-12-11