Humanities > Language & Literature

Yulianto, Andrias
Jakarta International University
Fall 2023



This course is offered to students of literature as a basis for understanding literary knowledge and works with the more specific aim of facilitating students to understand the structural elements of literary works concepts in various writings such as novels, short stories, novellas, scripts, and others. As for this course, students are also invited to look at various aspects of people's lives and train them to develop empathy and respect the experiences and stories of other people because this course also gives students an understanding that literary works have universal values as life lessons as well as life guidelines in growing human awareness. At the same time, this course also requires students and equips them with experience to explore and express social and human values in a prose literary work by applying logical, critical, systematic, innovative thinking. Until finally, students are enabled to compile scientific descriptions in the analysis of English prose literature.

Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 - Prose Fiction, story and discourse, events of a short story, settings, and characters 2023-12-11
2 Week 2 - The story and plot, plot-lines, tight, episodic, and open-ended plot 2023-12-11
3 Week 3 – The Elements of Plot in Novel 2023-12-11
4 Week 4 – How the Novels are Plotted 2023-12-11
5 Week 5 – Space in story and discourse the fictional and real space 2023-12-11
6 Week 6 - The importance of settings; setting and the mood, situation, and the personality of characters 2023-12-11
7 Week 7 - The importance of themes 2023-12-11
8 Week 8 - Characters & Characterization 2023-12-11
9 Week 9 - The Characters & Characterization Techniques 2023-12-11
10 Week 10 - Narrators and Narrative Situation 2023-12-11
11 Week 11 - Representation of consciousness 2023-12-11
12 Week 12 - Time_ Ability to identify Tense in Narrative. 2023-12-11
13 Week 13 - Evaluation and Final Project 2023-12-11
14 Final Project 2023-12-11