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Object Oriented Programming 2
Elubu Joseph
Kumi University
Fall 2022



Objected-Oriented programming 2 builds on objected-oriented programming I and it utilizes coding skills acquired in Object-oriented programming 1 course to help the learner build advance software systems, using techniques such as use of graphical user interface tools provided by various Integrated Development Environment - IDE systems. Objected-Oriented programming is a term loosely applied to mean any kind of programming that uses a programming language with some object oriented constructs or programming in an environment where some object oriented principles are followed. Compared with procedural programming, a superficial examination of codes written in both styles would reveal that object-oriented codes tends to be broken down into vast numbers of small pieces, with the hope that each piece will be trivially verifiable.   

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1. Course Overview, Introduction to Exceptions, try and catch block 2022-12-16
2 Week 2. Java try with Resource Statement, Java throw, throws and finally Keyword 2022-12-16
3 Week 3. Multithreading In Java(Introduction, Creating a thread, Joining threads) 2022-12-16
4 Week 4. Multithreading In Java(Sleeping Thread in Java, Naming Thread in Java, Thread Priority in Java and Daemon Thread in Java) 2022-12-16
5 Week 5. Multithreading In Java(Synchronization, Interthread Communication, Thread group) 2022-12-16
6 Week 6. Graphical User Interface -GUI (Introduction, Applet, Event Handling, AWT -Abstruct Windowing Tookit) 2022-12-16
7 Week 7. Graphical User Interface (Swing, Swing Components Part-1 and Part-2) 2022-12-16
8 Week 8 GUI - Layout Managers, Introduction to Java Database Connectivity(JDBC) 2022-12-16
9 Week 9. SQL Package, Steps to Connect to Database, Connecting to MySQL Database 2022-12-16
10 Week 10. Introduction to Collection framework, Collection Interfaces, Collection Classes, Iterator and ListIterator 2022-12-16
11 Week 11. Recap on Iterator and ListIterator,Array List Class, Linked List Class, Hash Set Class and PriorityQueue Class 2022-12-16
12 Week 12. Tree Set Class, Map Interface, Hashmap Class, Treemap Class 2022-12-23
13 Week 13. Legacy Classes, HashTable Class, Collection Class, Comparable Interface, and Comparator Interface 2022-12-16