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Data communications
Badarch Tuyatsetseg
Mongolian National University
Fall 2022



This course is considered as a fundamental course for electrical, communications and computer and software engineers for a many years. Therefore, the course covers the fundamental topics in data transfer, transfer mediums, data networks, and data sharing in wireless/wired links, to learn through the principles of signals, signal transfer principles, transmission mediums, and data networking and discuss design patterns commonly used in modern data networks. At the end of the course, students will gain an understanding of the engineering tradeoffs and design principles used in data communications and signal sharing based in all types of mediums, such as wireless and wired. This course provides broad knowledge of data communications that includes hot topics of signal and transfer mediums in modern technologies. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week 1-Introduction to data communications 2022-12-07
2 week 2-Data communications link parameters 2022-12-07
3 week 3-Transmission techniques, aynchronous and synchronous techniques 2022-12-07
4 week 4-Data to signal transfer techniques, Mediums 2022-12-07
5 week 5-Modulation and Manipulation techniques, types 2022-12-07
6 week 6-Line codes, Interfaces, Data circuit equipments 2022-12-07
7 week 7-Data link modems, protocols 2022-12-07
8 week 8-Data channels, data transfer tehcniques 2022-12-07
9 week 9-Channel utilization of data links, networks 2022-12-07
10 week 10-Error detection and correction techniques, protocols 2022-12-07
11 week 11-Data channel error ARQ protocols 2022-12-07
12 week 12-Data communications, network interconnection protocols 2022-12-07
13 Final 13. Assignment 2022-12-07