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Project Management Methodology
Kholbaev, Bakhrom
Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship
Fall 2022



This course of "Project Management Methodology" is reflected in a logical sequence in terms of its content, subject, lexical apparatus, approach and method, principles and mechanisms of continuity and succession. All projects are unique. There is no perfect management system suitable for every type of project. In addition, there is no system that is suitable for every leader and convenient for all team members. However, as long as project management exists, many effective approaches, methods and standards have been developed that can be adopted. The developed approaches are very different from each other. They differ in their application, detailed information, self-sufficiency and formalization. This course covers the various standards, concepts, methods and structures used in project management. The purpose of this article is to give a broader understanding of the approaches available in project management. The task of science is to teach students to master and apply scientific methods sufficient to solve theoretical and practical problems of project management, as well as to analyze, study and implement the world practice of project management. Science has accumulated extensive experience in applying the world's leading methodologies and standards in the field of project management. In particular, its methodologies, methods and standards are used in all major enterprises around the world. Methodology examples include Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, PRINCE2, standards include Oz DSt ISO 21500:2018, PMBOK®, ICB/NCB, PRINCE2, P2M, Pemandu.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week1 - Project Management Concept 2022-12-16
2 week2 - Traditional PM 2022-12-16
3 week3 - Waterfall,CPM 2022-12-16
4 week4 - Agile Project Management 2022-12-16
5 week5 - Scrum, Lean, Kanban 2022-12-16
6 week6 - Project Management Institute-PMBoK 2022-12-16
7 week7_IPMA-ICB4.0 2022-12-16
8 week8_PRINCE2 2022-12-16
9 week9_ISO215002021 2022-12-16
10 week10_Certification_in_PM 2022-12-16
11 week11_Best_Practices_in_PM 2022-12-16
12 week12_Special_Questions_on_PM 2022-12-16