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international Business
Rasulova Dilfuza
Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship
Fall 2022



The discipline "International business in the context of globalization" occupies an important place in the preparation of a master in the direction of "Management" (profile "international business"). The discipline "International business in the context of globalization" is based in the disciplines previously studied by students "international trade". The main goal of teaching the discipline "International business in the conditions globalizations" - preparing students for a practical type of professional activity in the field of international business by providing the stages of formation of competencies provided for by the Federal State Educational Standard, in terms of the skills presented below, knowledge and skills.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 - International business and its main tasks 2022-12-16
2 Week 2 -Logistics and transport services in international business 2022-12-16
3 Week 3 - Customs in international business 2022-12-16
4 Week 4 -International transfer of intellectual property objects 2022-12-16
5 Week 5 - International trade of finished products 2022-12-16
6 Week 6 -International trade in services 2022-12-16
7 Week 7 -International capital movement 2022-12-16
8 Week 8 - International labor migration 2022-12-16
9 Week 9 - International economic organizations 2022-12-16
10 Week 10 - International economic integration and transnational companies 2022-12-16
11 Week 11 - International currency-credit and financial relations 2022-12-16
12 Week 12 - world trade organization and international business 2022-12-16
13 With answers to test questions for current control 2022-12-16