Engineering > Mechanical Engineering

Vehicle Construction
Yusupov Sarvarbek
Kimyo International University in Tashkent
Fall 2023



This course's aim is helping to students with how to work an automobile and its parts. Automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle use for transporting passangers which also carries its own motor. We know that the automobile consists of several main parts: engine, chassis, transmission, car body and electrics. There are more than 30,000 parts in one automobile. Each part is connected to the mechanism, aggregates, and systems. The period in this course, the students will get deep knowledge about the design of vehicles. The student will start to know the story of vehicles and the development of the automotive industry in the world. Therefore, the student should know the name of each part of the automobile. Afterward, the students can apply their technological knowledge and competence gained in other technical courses.

Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week-1_Introduction. Classification of transport 2023-12-12
2 week-2_Engine 2023-12-12
3 week-3_Crank-drive mechanism 2023-12-12
4 week-4_Valve control mechanism 2023-12-12
5 week-5_Cooling System 2023-12-12
6 week-6_Lubrication System 2023-12-12
7 week-7_Fuel System 2023-12-12
8 week-8_Fuel System 2023-12-12
9 week-9_Transmission, Clutch 2023-12-12
10 week-10_Gearbox, Transfer gearbox 2023-12-12
11 week-11_Cardan drive. Final drive 2023-12-12
12 week-12_Differential. Wheel drives 2023-12-12
13 week-13_Running gear 2023-12-12
14 week-14_Steering 2023-12-12
15 week-15_Brake 2023-12-12