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Building Technology
Tribhuvan University
Fall 2023



The building technology is an important and necessary course for students of the civil engineering department/ Architectural Engineering Department because there is close and strong relationship between Architecture design and Construction technology. These two functions they complement each other. Lesson consists of the theoretical , and practical part. The theoretical part consisting of theoretical lectures for construction materials, uses and methods as well as the most important characteristics of these materials for the purpose of utilization and exploitation . The practical part is drawing what the student has learned from the theoretical lectures and trying to apply them in order to imagine all parts of the building Elements , as well as express through drawing and show their understanding.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1- Functional Requirement of Building 2023-12-11
2 Week 2- Functional Requirement of Building 2023-12-11
3 Week 3- Foundations 2023-12-11
4 Week 4- Mortars and Masonry works 2023-12-11
5 Week 5- Roofs 2023-12-11
6 Week 6- Stair, lifts and escalators 2023-12-11
7 Week 7- Doors and Windows 2023-12-11
8 Week 8- Flooring 2023-12-11
9 Week 9-Temporary Construction 2023-12-11
10 Week 10- Finishing Works 2023-12-11
11 Week 11-Causes and prevention of cracks in building 2023-12-11
12 Week 12- Earthquake protection & Retrofitting in building 2023-12-11
13 Week 13- OTHER SERVICES IN BUILDING 2023-12-11