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Monetary Theory and Policy
St. Paul's University
Fall 2022



The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire sufficient knowledge of monetary theory and policy. The course content is designed to ensure that the state of the art of monetary theory is given sufficient exposition, while at the same time introducing the role of monetary policy in developing countries. The course adequately prepares students for advanced research and practice in the area plus policy analysis and implementation. Additional required readings are provided in the course outline and many more may be incorporated as the course proceeds. Assessment of this course will be based on continuous assessment, practice exercises and final examination at a designated location and date. However, at the end of each section are activities/questions/tasks, which Students will be asked to complete to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to work through the practice exercises at the end of each section.  

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1-Introduction 2022-12-07
2 Week 2-Theories of Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
3 Week 3-Analysis of Trade-offs in Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
4 Week 4-Coordination of Fiscal and Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
5 Week 5-International Liquidity and Adjustment 2022-12-07
6 Week 6-Trade offs in Monetary goals 2022-12-07
7 Week 7- Targets and Indicators of Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
8 Week 8-Instruments of Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
9 Week 9-Expansionary Monetary Policy VS Restrictive Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
10 Week 10-The Role of Monetary Policy in a Developing Economy 2022-12-07
11 Week 11-The Quantity Theory of Money and its Variants 2022-12-07
12 Week 12-Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 2022-12-07
13 Week 13-Issues in Monetary Economics 2022-12-07
14 Week 14-Assesment 2022-12-07
15 Week 15-Quiz 2022-12-07