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Bank Marketing
Xusainov, Shavkat
Banking and Finance Academy of Uzbekistan
Fall 2022



The active development of the banking sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the increase in competition and the emergence of new banking services and products highlight the task of introducing the main elements of marketing into the theory and practice of banking as soon as possible.

The sale of services and products is the most important stage in the activity of any business entity operating in market conditions. Banking as a type of entrepreneurial activity is no exception. Therefore, the goal of all bank services is to develop the client base, expand the scope of banking services provided, conquer the market and, ultimately, increase profits or increase the market value of the bank.

The relevance of the course is due to the aggravation of competition in the banking services market. Under these conditions, using marketing tools, banks can successfully develop, achieving their goals. The content of the course meets the established requirements and includes information on the need for banks to use marketing tools in modern conditions, the banking marketing system, research on the banking services market, the development and implementation of a competitive strategy for banks, and the activities of the marketing service.

Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1. Fundamentals of Bank Marketing 2022-12-16
2 Week 2. Features of the Bank Product 2022-12-16
3 Week 3. Bank Marketing System 2022-12-16
4 Week 4. Types Of Marketing Strategies 2022-12-16
5 Week 5. Creation And Management Of Partner Networks And Marketing Channels 2022-12-16
6 Week 6. Implementation Of Competitive Strategies In Banks 2022-12-16
7 Week 7. Development and Management of Integrated Marketing Communications 2022-12-16
8 Week 8. Mass Communications Management Advertising, Sales Promotion, Sponsorship And Public Relations 2022-12-16
9 Week 9. Personal Communications Management Direct Marketing and Personal Selling 2022-12-16
10 Week 10. Development Of New Market Offers 2022-12-16
11 Week 11. Work in the Global Market 2022-12-16
12 Week 12. Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization 2022-12-16