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Trauma and Trauma Therapy
Gitau Susan
Africa Nazarene University
Spring 2023



Trauma and trauma therapy is a core theoretical practice requirement for counselors in training and practice. The course equips students with relevant knowledge and skills to offer trauma focused therapy. This course can be a specialization area for students during practicum and advanced internship and practice. Competence in trauma therapy is critical for professional Counseling Psychologists working with vulnerable individuals and communities.

The course is designed to assist students in explaining the concept of trauma, differentiate between trauma and crisis, identify signs and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, examine the impact of trauma, assess counseling cases that qualify for trauma therapy, prepare trauma counseling treatment plans, and apply trauma focused therapy in counseling practice. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 _ Introduction to Trauma and Trauma Counseling 2023-06-22
2 Week 2 _Stress and Crisis Counselling 2023-06-22
3 Week 3 _Personal Trauma (Counselor Trauma Inventory) 2023-06-22
4 Week 4 _ Signs and Symptoms of Trauma 2023-06-22
5 Week 5 _ Effects of Trauma 2023-06-22
6 Week 6_Childhood Trauma 2023-06-22
7 Week 7_Theories of Trauma 2023-06-22
8 Week 8_ Assessing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 2023-06-22
9 Week 9_Psychological Fisrt Aid (PFA) 2023-06-22
10 Week 10 _Trauma Informed Therapy 2023-06-22
11 Week 11_ Human Validation Process Model in Trauma Counseling 2023-06-22
12 Week 12_Mindfulness and MIndful Self Compassion in Trauma Counseling 2023-06-22
13 Week 13_ Course Exam 2023-06-22