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Engineering Economic Analysis
Adhikari, Ishwar
Kathmandu Engineering College
Fall 2022



“Engineering Economic Analysis” is a subject which is taught and applicable in almost all the disciplines of engineering. This subject plays the significant role on evaluation of cost and benefits associated in engineering project. It has wide range of application for analysing the technical projects for all disciplines of engineering. To develop any engineering projects, the concept of financial and economic evaluation is inevitable for engineers. The key responsibility of the engineer in the decision making process is to design and implement the technical projects in low cost as possible and gain maximum benefits from it. So this course helps to prepare students to analyse and make decisions regarding money within the technological and engineering environment. The purpose of this course is to explain the basic concepts of engineering economic analysis in a simple and easily understandable language where students are exposed to different topics like time value of money, methods of economic analysis, comparing alternatives, replacement analysis, risk analysis, depreciation and inflation. This course is based on the syllabus prepared by the “Subject Committee” of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. To support this, lecture notes containing theoretical portion as well as numerical portion will be provided. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 (Week 1) Introduction 2022-12-07
2 (Week 2) Interest and time value of money 2022-12-07
3 (Week 3) Uniform series cash flow and Linear and Geometric Gradient series cash flow 2022-12-07
4 (Week 4) Basic Methodologies of Engineering Economic Analysis 2022-12-07
5 (Week 5) Basic Methodologies of Engineering Economic Analysis, ERR, Benefit Cost Analysis, Pay Back Period, Life Cycle Cost, Economic and Financial Analysis 2022-12-07
6 (Week 6) Comparative analysis of alternatives 2022-12-07
7 (week 7)comparative analysis of alternatives, repeatability, coterminated and capitalized worth 2022-12-07
8 (Week 8) Combination of alternatives and replacement analysis basic concept 2022-12-07
9 (Week 9) Replacement analysis 2022-12-07
10 (Week 10) Risk analysis, sources of risk and breakeven analysis 2022-12-07
11 (Week 11) Sensitivity analysis, Decision Tree, Scenario analysis and Risk adjusted MARR 2022-12-07
12 (Week 12) Depreciation concept, causes and methods 2022-12-07
13 (Week 13) Inflation, its causes, equivalence calculation and impact of inflation 2022-12-07