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History of the development of mathematical ideas
Tymoshenko, Olena
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Fall 2022



Methods of mathematical research are used in a wide variety of fields of knowledge. In this course you will see firsthand many of the results that have made what mathematics is today and meet the mathematicians that created them. The course provides an overview of some of mathematical ideas during the history, say classical problems of ancient Greek mathematics lead to involved mathematical theories including transcendent numbers or Galois theory; chinese double regula falsi method transforms to modern Newton-Raphson method of finding roots of nonlinear equations; babylonian ideas of solving quadratic equations turns out be utilized in modern algebra; arabic tables of approximate values of trigonometric functions are useful nowadays in deep procedures of numerical mathematics and so on. All of these is explained in the corresponding lectures of the course. The course will survey major mathematical developments beginning with ancient Greeks and tracing the development through Hindu-Indian mathematics, Arabic mathematics, and European mathematics. This course helps students to understand better the modern mathematical ideas by discovering their roots in the history and to develop their critical thinking and research skills. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week1_The_Origins_of_Mathematics 2022-12-16
2 Week2_Masematics_in_early_civilizations 2022-12-16
3 Week3_Ancient_Greece_Mathematics 2022-12-16
4 Week4_The_famouse_problams_of_antiquity 2022-12-16
5 Week5_Doubling_the_Cube_Squaring_the_circle 2022-12-16
6 Week6_Straightedge_and_compass_construction._The_basic_constructions 2022-12-16
7 Week7_Angle_trisektion 2022-12-16
8 Week8_.Geometric_construction_of_the_square_root_and_other_generalization 2022-12-16
9 Week9_Constructing_regular_polygons._Gauss-Wantzel_Theorem 2022-12-16
10 Week10_. History_of_ the_origin_ and_development_of_linear_and_square_equations 2022-12-16
11 Week11_Cardano_Tartaglia_and_the_solution_to_the_cubic_equation 2022-12-16
12 Week12_Number_Theory_ and_ the_Queen_ of_ Mathematics 2022-12-16