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Calculus I
Kahenya, Paul N.
Africa Nazarene University
Fall 2022



Calculus I is designed to equip science, engineering, and mathematics students with differential calculus knowledge and skills necessary for application in their diverse fields, and also a prerequisite to integration calculus, numerical methods, probability among other higher level mathematics course. Calculus I deals with differentiation of single real valued functions. It focuses on the limits of functions and continuity of functions. Calculus I introduces the basic techniques of differentiation and key theorems in differential calculus. The course also introduce the learner to the application of differentiation in rates of changes, related changes, kinematics, and optimization. 

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1_Introduction to functions and limits 2022-12-05
2 Week 2_Limits of functions 2022-12-05
3 Week 3_Continuity of functions 2022-12-05
4 Week 4_First Principle of Differentiation 2022-12-05
5 Week 5_Techniques of Differentiation I 2022-12-05
6 Week 6_Techniques of Differentiation II 2022-12-05
7 Week 7_Basic Theorems in Differential Calculus 2022-12-05
8 Week 8_Implicit and Partial Differentiation 2022-12-05
9 Week 9_Logarithmic and Parametric Differentiation 2022-12-05
10 Week 10_Rate of Changes and Related Changes 2022-12-05
11 Week 11_Optimization 2022-12-05
12 Week 12_Differentiation and Kinematics 2022-12-05
13 End Semester Exam 2022-12-05