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Organizing vehicle transportation and traffic safety
Nurdinov Murodali
Andijan Machine Building Institute
Fall 2023



In the current conditions of the world economy, road transport is considered the main internal transport, and it occupies a leading position in ensuring the economic and social development of the country. The high level of use of motor vehicles indicates that it has a place in all sectors of the economy, including the labor market, construction, trade and other aspects of social life. Special attention is paid to the selection of advanced methods and means of transportation of goods and passengers and organization of traffic safety in motor transport enterprises. "Organizing vehicle transportation and traffic safety" as a course included in the block of specialty subjects and be taught in 4 courses. In order to implement the program, it is necessary to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills from the general professional and specialized subjects provided for in the curriculum.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week1 - Basic concepts of transport 2023-12-12
2 week2 - The main technical 2023-12-12
3 week3 - Vehicle operating conditions 2023-12-12
4 week4 - Basics 2023-12-12
5 week5 - The main 2023-12-12
6 week6 - Classification 2023-12-12
7 week7 - Road transport key 2023-12-12
8 week8 - Passengers' average walking 2023-12-12
9 week9 - Performance of vehicles 2023-12-12
10 week10 - Selection and calculation 2023-12-12
11 week11 - Work calculation 2023-12-12
12 week12 - Shipping organization 2023-12-12
13 week13 - Organization of truck traffic 2023-12-12
14 week14 - Organization 2023-12-12
15 week15 - Stationary and mobile 2023-12-12
16 week16 - Basic elements of 2023-12-12