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Drawing geometry and Engineering graphics
Mahmudbek Begijonov
Andijan Machine Building Institute
Fall 2023



Engineers create representation of a detail or a product on a sheet of paper as a drawing before it will be manufactured. Studying the course provides the student with a minimum of fundamental engineering and geometric knowledge, skills in computer graphics and geometric modeling, on the basis of which a future bachelor in engineering and technology can successfully study applied mechanics; theoretical mechanics; details of electric machines; installations, systems and complexes of high-temperature and low-temperature heat engineering and their design; electric and hydraulic drives of various devices and other design and technological and special disciplines, as well as carry out graphical part of course and diploma projects. Teaching a lot of subjects in high school is linked with studying different devices, machines and technological processes by their representations – drawings. So Engineering Graphics is included in number of subjects for training engineers.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week 1 - Introduction 2023-12-12
2 week_2_Engineering_graphics 2023-12-12
3 week_3_Throwing_of_drawings 2023-12-12
4 week_4_Geometry_of_detail 2023-12-12
5 week_5_Designing_and_placing 2023-12-12
6 week_6_Main_engineering 2023-12-12
7 week 7 - Divisible and indivisible compounds. 2023-12-12
8 week 8 - Cuts. Types of cuttings and their application 2023-12-12
9 week 9 - Axonometric projections 2023-12-12
10 week 10 - Draw grafic elements 2023-12-12
11 week 11 - Sizing rules 2023-12-12
12 week 12 - A straight line 2023-12-12
13 week 13 - Assembly drawings 2023-12-12
14 week 14 - Using in modern programs 2023-12-12