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Energy Environment and Society
Manchan Tiwari
Kathmandu Engineering College
Fall 2022



The course is taught to 8th semester students of Bachelor in Electronics and Information Engineering students of engineering colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The course is designed to teach student about various energy systems used in Nepal and world and its impact in context of society and environment of Nepal. The course is unique on its own as there is no other course for the engineering stream which familiarizes student with the concept of energy systems, its impact on society and environment. The course deals with introduction and basic design of important energy systems in context of rural Nepal. The course also focuses on introducing the basics of energy technology which are gaining popularity in the world as of now.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1- Technology and Development 2022-12-08
2 Week 2- Basics of Energy 2022-12-08
3 Week 3- Energy Trends, Global Warming 2022-12-08
4 Week 4- Types of Energy Sources, Solar Radiation 2022-12-08
5 Week 5- Solar Thermal 2022-12-08
6 Week 6- Solar Cell PV Technology 2022-12-08
7 Week 7- Design of Solar PV Rural Systems 2022-12-08
8 Week 8- Hydropower (Basics and Types) 2022-12-08
9 Week 9 - Micro Hydropower Basic Design 2022-12-08
10 Week 10- Wind Energy 2022-12-08
11 Week 11- Geothermal Energy and Introduction of Biomass 2022-12-08
12 Week 12- Biomass and Bioenergy 2022-12-08
13 Week 13- Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell 2022-12-08
14 Week 14- Environmental Impact of Energy Sources 2022-12-08
15 Week 15- Energy Storage 2022-12-08
16 Week 16- Case Study 2022-12-08