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Business Finance
Njoka, Charity
Kenyatta University
Fall 2023



This course is designed to act as catalytic agent among business and economics students as a prerequisite to meeting and coping with the present and future challenges in the over dynamic world of business. The course introduces the major sources of capital to the firm. It also introduces the concept of time value of money and its application to the investment, decision and valuation of securities, in addition to working capital management. By the end of the course the learners should be familiar with financial vocabularies, basic financial computations, while appreciating risk and return relationships in appraisal of projects.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1 - Introduction, Nature and Scope of Business Finance 2023-12-11
2 Week 2 - Sources of Business Capital 2023-12-11
3 Week 3 - Introduction to the Concept of Time Value of Money 2023-12-11
4 Week 4 - Application of Time Value of Money 2023-12-11
5 Week 5 - Valuation of Securities 2023-12-11
6 Week 6 - Analysis of Financial Statements 2023-12-11
7 Week 7- Projects Cash Flow Analysis 2023-12-11
8 Week 8 - Introduction to the Concept of Cost of Capital 2023-12-11
9 Week 9 - Composite Cost of Capital 2023-12-11
10 Week 10 - Basic Investiment Appraisal Techniques 2023-12-11
11 Week 11- Risk and Return 2023-12-11
12 Week 12 - Working Capital Management 2023-12-11