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Basis of Overall equipment effectiveness
Obidjon Abdujabborov
Andijan Machine Building Institute
Spring 2023



The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) course provides a comprehensive approach to manufacturing processes. This course will help students to understand the basic principles of OEE and how they can be used to improve machine efficiency. Students will learn the underlying concepts of OEE, as well as the formula and methods used to calculate it. Additionally, Students will get a chance to practice using OEE in real-world scenarios. The course will cover topics such as yield, downtime, speed, and capacity. Finally, the course will provide students with tips and strategies for improving OEE.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 week 1 - Total Preventive Maintenance 2023-06-22
2 week 2- OEE Understanding Loss of Effectiveness 2023-06-22
3 week 3 - Measuring OEE A Traditional Simple Approach 2023-06-22
4 week 4 - Measuring OEE The Reliability Approach 2023-06-22
5 week 5 - Improving OEE on Existing Machinery 2023-06-22
6 week 6 - Improving OEE on New Machinery An Overview of Mechanical Reliability 2023-06-22
7 week 7- Improving OEE on New Machinery An Overview of electrical reability 2023-06-22
8 week 8- Improving OEE on New Machinery Selected Methodologies 2023-06-22
9 week 9 Reliability Growth 2023-06-22
10 week 10 - Maintenance Issues and Concerns 2023-06-22
11 week 11 Requirements of Phase 1 of Implementing Equipment R&M The Concept 2023-06-22
12 week 12 Requirements of Phase 2 of Implementing Equipment R&M Development and Design 2023-06-22
13 week 13 Requirements of Phase 3 of Implementing Equipment R&M Build and Install 2023-06-22