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Consumer Behavior
Kinyanjui Wanjiku
St. Paul's University
Fall 2022



The course is designed to provide a strong foundation for critical thinking in the area of consumer behavior. The course is based on social and cognitive psychology and will examine how consumers integrate external communication such as advertising and product information to form or change attitudes. The goal of this course is not only to impart knowledge about the body of consumer behavior but also to help learners to develop interests and preferences in consumer behavior related issues. This course focuses on understanding and forecasting consumer behavior by integrating theories from psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics. The topics to be covered in this course include the role of the consumer and the marketer; internal influences of consumer behavior such as motivation, personality, self-image, perception, learning, attitude formation and change, and communication; external influences such as culture, subculture, and family, the diffusion of innovations, marketing ethics and consumer decision making.

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Courses List

No. Course Format File Date
1 Week 1- Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior 2022-12-05
2 Week 2-Market segmentation, Targeting, Positioning 2022-12-05
3 Week 3- Consumer Motivation 2022-12-05
4 Week 4- Consumer Learning 2022-12-05
5 Week 5-Consumer Perception 2022-12-05
6 Week 6- Consumer Personality 2022-12-05
7 Week 7- Consumer Attitude 2022-12-05
8 Week 8 - Communication and CB 2022-12-05
9 Week 9 - Advertising & CB 2022-12-05
10 Week 10- Reference Groups 2022-12-05
11 Week 11- Family and Consumer Behavior 2022-12-05
12 Week 12- Cultural Influence on Consumer Behavior 2022-12-05
13 Week 13- Subcultures and Consumer Behavior 2022-12-05
14 Week 14- Cross cultural Consumer Behavior 2022-12-05
15 Week 15- Diffusion of Innovations 2022-12-05
16 Week 16- Marketing Ethics & Social Responsibility 2022-12-05